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premium wines packaged to keep wines fresh for 32 days instead of 2 after the first pour. sign up to be notified of the launch. 


$1.2BN of wine is poured down the drain annually in the U.S.because it has expired

we remove middlemen markups who add up to 70% to the cost of wine by selling DTC

more value

we source undervalued wines from around the world to deliver $25/bottles at half the cost 

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wine with your needs in mind

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wine keeps fresh for up to 32 days after the first pour so you can have a half glass or a full glass whenever you want

maivino x pinot gris

available august 2018 

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Giovanni Verrazzano observed about the Finger Lakes....

“[There are] many vines, growing naturally, which growing up, tooke hold of the trees as they doe in Lombardie, which if by husbandmen they were dressed in good order, without all doubt they would yield excellent wines,”

The Finger Lakes is America's best-kept secret - its dynamic, mineral-rich soil, immense shale and limestone formation, and deep freshwater contribute to the region's unique and amazing terroir. 

sourced from the Finger Lakes, NY 

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wines with a wine dispenser

that aerates the wine as it pours, fits on a tabletop & in refrigerator.

coming 2019